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Christmas Stockings: Grace volunteers will create xmas stockings to be donated to Vinnie�s Christmas Store. Work dates are November 9, 10, and 11. (tentative times being; Thursday 5-9, Friday 5-9, Saturday 10 -2) Volunteers may also work on their projects at home. There is no minimum number of stocking needed, nor a maximum. Fleece fabric has been provided by Christ Child Ministries for the purpose of providing meaning and purpose for those struggling with housing and basic needs. Cutting, sewing, ironing, and hospitality are all needed. Stockings will be delivered to Vincent Village no later than December 4.

New Christmas Toys for Vincent Village Children: Grace will provide new toys and games to Vinnie�s Christmas Store to make them available for point purchase by the parent residents of Vincent Village. Emphasized will be games, journals, imagination, crafts, building, art supplies, and skill building. Battery operated, electronic, and noisy items should be avoided. Also needed are �stocking stuffers�. These gifts will be blessed on December 3, and delivered to Vincent Village on December 4.

Craft Day at Vincent Village: The people of Grace will host a Christmas Craft Day on December 10, from 2-4 (volunteers come at 1:00). Our plan is to have craft projects for children of all ages, Christmas music, hot chocolate and cookies. Vincent Village parents are encouraged to participate with their children. If the parents want to leave their children in order to shop at Vinnie�s, we will have a sign-in and sign-out procedure in place.
We will need volunteers to:
Create and prepare craft projects
Lead projects on craft day
Provide snacks
Serve snacks and help with cleanliness on craft day
Provide music and music mentoring

These Outreach Projects have been created with the purpose of helping others while maintaining the integrity, and respecting the dignity, of those we have chosen to serve, while at the same time encouraging fellowship and shared goals for our congregation.